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Pre-Season Intro

PORCA's Women's Wednesday Social Rides saw an incredible turnout last year - we hosted 27 rides, with an average of 24 riders per week! How cool is it to see so many amazing women in our community getting out there biking, supporting each other, and connecting? People come to Bike Club for many different reasons but the main goal is for everyone to have fun and feel welcome. It's a non-competitive ride for women to share knowledge and to support each other in learning.

We're going to try starting in waves this year, to keep similar riders together so no one gets lost or left behind. Sign-in will open 15 minutes before the ride starts. Come right when sign-in opens so you can get organized in to a ride group.

Ride Guides
For the first couple of weeks, we're going to have "ride guides" - women who know the trails well and are eager to share their love of the terrain. We'll split in to beginner, intermediate, and advanced (short, medium, and long) rides, so you can pick what type of ride you're feeling on that particular day. If you are one of those women who knows the trails well, we encourage you to reach back and take new riders under your wing. Please send either Bree or Ming a message or make a note in the survey below if you would like to volunteer to be a ride guide - even if just for a day.

If you're unsure of what group you should be riding in, message or ask Bree or Ming and we'll be happy to figure out your ride and introduce you other people.

However, since we are all about female empowerment at Bike Club, if you're not sure about where you're going, its always a good idea to be prepared, even if it just means downloading the Trailforks app and familiarizing yourself with how to use it. This also means you have a tube, pump and tire levers and know how to change your own tire.

Please come! We had a supportive, inspiring, and dogged group of beginners last year that absolutely crushed it on the trails. It can be intimidating learning to bike, especially in a community of talented athletes. We don't want you to feel like you have to be a certain level of rider to ride in Bike Club. Believe me, most women feel the same way when they are starting out; they don't want to hold up other riders, they are nervous, etc. The scariest step is coming for the first time! But, you will find other women just like you and finding that buddy to ride with is key to learning. That said, the Social Rides are not coached. You should have a basic understanding of how your bike works to stay safe on the trails. If you need to learn the basics, sweetskills.ca offers clinics that are great confidence boosters.


Other items

If someone catches you on a climb or decent, pull off to the side to let the faster rider past. It's no big deal, we are all slower or faster than someone else so just cheer each other on!

Volunteer - Don't feel like riding sometimes? Volunteer to do sign in.

Don't forget your PORCA membership (www.porcabikes.com) before the first ride. We have a new system that makes signing up super easy (no paper waivers!)

Feel like hosting an apres? Amazing! Contact Bree at bthorlakson@yahoo.com or via FB messenger.

Please also fill out the survey (especially if you would like to be a ride leader or host an apres) and let us know what you think!

Survey: Bike Club 2018



We have Bike Club gear! The very talented Romney Porter us a beautiful Bike Club graphic that we've printed on some oh-so-soft muscle tanks. They'll be on sale for $30 at the first Bike Club ride next week, first come first serve! Bring cash.