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Design Proposal

This is a call to local designers who want to create a legacy logo for PORCA, a registered not for profit mountain biking association. We are looking for a DESIGN PROPOSAL. At this time, we are only looking for quotes, do not submit your designs until you are chosen as the successful candidate. Please take into consideration the following criteria when putting together your proposal, quote will include:

·      2-3 logos to choose from, vector format, all fonts outlined, max 3-colour logo
·      Include a 1-colour version
·      Date of completion (4 weeks for initial design, 2 weeks for edits)
·      Total cost (this cost should include 3-5 edits to the logo)
·      Cost for additional edits (per hour $)
·      Include 2-3 designs from past clients as examples of your work (low resolution jpg)

Additional information:

PORCA will reserve FULL rights to the design(s).
Preference will be given to Pemberton and Mt. Currie residents

End date for submission: August 9th, 2019
Email to: 


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